Why Should You Start a Blog in 2021?

Let me share some interesting facts!

Initially, Blogging was a hobby, but now the scenario has been changed. Blogging has been converted into a business. Many people are taking the massive benefit of blogging to make millions of dollars.

That's why Blogging has become quite popular these days. However, if you are still confused and not much aware of Blogging or unable to find any reason to start a blog, you must read these benefits, which are possible by starting a blog.

#1. You Can Generate Income From Blogging

Yes, it's true!

You can generate passive income by creating a blog.

You wouldn't believe me while blogging as a part-timer, I am generating good money to fulfill my requirements.

I will discuss more on this topic in the next Email. But believe me, many bloggers are making 6 figure income from Blogging and are leaving a boss free life.

#2. Follow Your Interest

It may be possible that you are not happy with what you are doing now. In this case, Blogging would be the best choice to express yourself in front of the world.

After many years of Blogging, I found a writer and a teacher inside me. I wrote many helpful articles that are useful for many new bloggers.

Start a blog on a topic in which you have passion and interest, and then it will open many doors for your bright future.

#3. Gain Popularity

Who does not want to gain popularity? Of course, everyone!!

So you have the excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge via starting a blog. While sharing your knowledge gradually, you would become an expert in this field.

E.g., In My case, I have good experience and knowledge in Blogging and WordPress. And that's why some famous bloggers appreciated my work through testimonials, which you must check out what professional bloggers said about my work.

#4. Provide Freelancing Service

If you have a broad knowledge of your niche, you can start freelancing to earn extra money to work for your client.

For that, you have to be a successful blogger and have good knowledge in almost every single skill like content writing, blog design, Hosting, SEO, blog promotion, marketing, etc.

If you have these skills, then you can take the benefits of Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer, etc., websites to make more money by offering your service. It is also an excellent way to make some extra income.

#5. Scope in Digital Marketing

Nowadays, technology is growing, and making a Digital Marketing career would be more beneficial in the upcoming days. Suppose you are running a blog that has adequate authority and knowledge. In that case, it shows your Digital Marketing skills, and you may have an excellent opportunity to get a high payable job.

#6. Make Friends with Long and Stable Relationshi

In today's scenario, we are surrounded by family, neighbors, and friends. But how many of them genuinely understand our feelings and emotions which you have?

This number is minimal. But when you come to the blogging world and keep connecting with new friends in the same industry, you will find many people with the same mindset.
They will understand your feelings and support you to achieve your dream goals.

Frankly, without support and motivation, you can't succeed in Blogging, and these friends will guide and motivate you to work hard.

Hey, did you realize the power of Blogging and got some inspiration to start your blog. Don't think more and find some suitable time to start your blog to follow your passion.

But what about the earning potential?

Right, Probably you are thinking about the potential of earning from Blogging. So my next Email is going to be on the topic "How Can I Make Money From A Blog?"

See you tomorrow!

- Archana
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