Where to get a smartphone to study if there is no food ?

 Where to get a smartphone to study if there is no food ?: ‘I earn 200 rupees a day, if I give children a phone, will I feed them?’ The same situation from Mumbai to small villages

  • Schools are conducting online studies, but daily wage earners do not have enough money to buy smartphones for children.
  • Some go to a friend's house to study, some wait for a group activity, many have to leave their studies in lockdown.
"I earn 200 rupees a day and sometimes I get a job but sometimes I don't. Soybean work is going on now, so it is getting daily. I can barely earn five-six thousand rupees a month. Now fill the stomach of the family or give smartphones to the children. 'This is the grief of Sohan Munia who lives in Chandodia village of Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. They were working on the farm while we were talking to them. They leave at 9 a.m. to earn a living. Returning home at 7 p.m. Asked them how are the kids studying if you don’t have a smartphone in your house? In response, he said, there are books, from which they keep studying on their own. From time to time masters come to the village, they gather and teach the children. Now only two or four children in the village have smartphones, so no one is studying online.

This is just one example. Online studies are done after the lockdown, but the children of the poor are not lucky either. Such a situation exists not only in villages, but also in cities like Mumbai. Rancey Leon is a standard 7 student and lives in Dharavi. Dharavi is considered to be the largest slum in Asia. Rancey was admitted to the Auxilium Convent School in Wadala by a trust but has been having great difficulty in studying since he started studying online, as he does not have a smartphone. Rancy lives with her mother's glory. Prior to the lockdown, Mahima had gone for cleaning work. She used to pay rent and raise her daughter, but after the lockdown, she stopped working and stopped earning. Mahima can't even pay the rent right now. He said, the rations that people sell provide food for months, so how can I give a smartphone to my daughter? Asked how she was studying, she said she went to a friend's house to study. He has a smartphone. WhatsApp takes note of the content that comes in the group. Stays at a friend's house from 7.30am to 12pm. Like Rancy and Anil, Bijalpur's Sharmili can't study because she doesn't have a smartphone. "Teachers keep coming from the school in our village and they teach the children away from each other," says Bhanwar Singh, Sharmili's father. Very few children in the village have a smartphone so only a few children can study online.

Kamal Singh Thakur, coordinator of Dhar's support project, said that online study materials from Bhopal come to the WhatsApp group every day. The teachers pass it on to the children, but the fact is that most of the children in the village do not have a smartphone, so they cannot take advantage of it. Although our staff goes to the village one by one, Babbe Diwas helps the children to study. Sometimes a child has a phone and is told to study with four or five children in a group so that everyone can have study materials.

The NCIRT survey itself also says that children do not have smartphones. According to the survey, about 27 percent of children do not have a smartphone or laptop. While 28 per cent of children and parents considered electricity to be the biggest obstacle in online studies. The survey involved 34,000 people, including the views of parents, teachers and principals. While the Smile Foundation, an NGO working for child rights, conducted a survey among 42831 students, which found that 56 per cent children do not have a smartphone to study. According to official figures, there are more than 350 million students in the country but it is not known how many of them have access to digital devices and internet. The survey was conducted from April 16 to 18 in 23 states. According to reports, there are about 16 lakh students in Delhi alone who do not have access to smartphones or internet for study.

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