Pubg comeback in India

 PUBG users rejoice !: Reliance may make a comeback in India with Jio PUBG, report claims

  • The government on September 2 banned 118 apps, including mobile gaming app PUBG
  • In India alone, PUBG received over 175 million downloads

PUBG could make a comeback in India. According to a media report, PUBG Corporation has met with Reliance Jio to negotiate the return of Battle Royale game PUBG in India. Talks are at an early stage, the report said. Officials from both companies are explaining how the deal could be done.

PUBG was banned on September 2:

  • The Government of India on September 2 banned 118 apps, including PUBG, under Section 69A of the IT Act. All these apps were a threat to India's security and sovereignty. As soon as PUBG was banned in India, the company canceled the distribution rights of the game in India with the Chinese company Tencent. Now the company will run the game in India on its own.
  • Currently PUBG is blocked on Google Play Store and Apple App Stop. People who already have a gaming app installed on their phone will not be able to play the game. PUBG is looking for a local partner for a comeback in India.
  • The two companies have also set up a legal team for revenue sharing, the report said, citing a source. Currently there are 2 possibilities first 50:50 sharing and second Reliance Jio will take revenue from PUBG Corporation based on a fixed number of PUBG users per month.

Microsoft-Reliance Jio will also launch a game streaming service

  • This is only an early stage conversation if the report is believed to be true. If the deal goes through, it will help Reliance Industries Ltd. to enter the gaming market. "Even if music, movie and television shows are put together, the gaming segment is big," Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd., told Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation. India has great potential for its development.
  • Apart from this, Microsoft has confirmed that it is working with Reliance Jio to launch Project X Cloud Game Streaming Service in India.

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