Mother tongue is the best medium of education

 Literary writer Shri Gunawantabhai Shah, who is known for the importance of mother tongue, has given a very true and funny slogan, "Mother tongue comes after mother's breastfeeding."

 As the baby's physical constitution changes during pregnancy, so does his mental constitution.  This mental structure of hers is largely influenced by her mother's behavior, attitudes, lifestyle and the surrounding environment.  Handling language, capturing language from above;  The ability to understand, to learn is in the human brain.  And, this ability is activated from the time the baby is in the womb.  By the time a child is two years old, the child's brain becomes highly skilled at absorbing deaf language.  If the child does not have hearing problems, he learns the mother tongue by listening.  From the womb the child begins to learn the mother tongue, so it is called the mother tongue.  By the time a child is five years old, he learns about two thousand words of the mother tongue with their meaning and value and takes them into experience.  Even after studying 1st to 10th standard in English medium, a child cannot realize the value and experience of so many words in English language. 

 The child quickly acquires knowledge in the mother tongue

Learning requires freedom of thought and imagination, which is why mother tongue education is essential.

 A child's mind is like a pot.

 Not so much the beauty of the pot, but the creator.

 It is the parent's responsibility to protect the child's integrity,

 Openness comes through mother tongue education.

 The mother tongue is the source of inspiration.

 The mother tongue is a beacon of guidance.

 Mother tongue is the moment that makes life sweet.

 Mother tongue is the art of love.

 There is the art of communicating.

 The mother tongue is a platform to practice listening.

 Mother tongue is fun to research.

 Mother tongue is the art of providing inspiration through praise.

 There are golden moments in a marital marital relationship.

 Mother tongue is the art of respect.

 Mother tongue is faith in God.

 Every child has the testimony of God that nature still has faith in mankind.

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