Cyber Expert Advice: Social Media Couple Challenge

 Cyber Expert Advice: Social Media Couple Challenge, more than 3 million posts with this hashtag, expert says - it threatens privacy

  1. Cyber Expert Advice - Avoid sharing personal information and photos
  2. Morphed images can be used to create fake accounts on dating websites and social media

After Sari Challenge, Ten Year Challenge and Twenty Year Challenge, there is a lot of couple challenge on social media these days. People share a photo with their partner on social media under the #CoupleChallenge. With this hashtag, more than 3 million posts have been made on social media till Saturday evening. This type of photo sharer includes people from all walks of life, from young people to employees to businessmen. Most of these posts are posted in public settings using hashtags in public mode. Hashtags make it easy to see photos from around the world. With this anyone can download the photo or even take a screen shot.

Ayush Bhardwaj, a cyber security expert from Jaipur, says the biggest threat to image morphing is this photo. Image morphing can create a new photo by modifying anyone's face or the rest of the body. Cybercriminals use this morphed image to create fake accounts on a dating site or social media. People are deceived through these fake accounts. The victims of morphed image crime are women. These types of accounts lead to fraud in a variety of ways. For the same reason social media companies have been working on a face recognition algorithm for the past few years. Couple Challenge has been appearing on social media for a week now.

How to Protect Privacy: Put a profile guard on the profile picture

  • Avoid sharing personal information, photo in social media.
  • Do not immediately make a friend to a stranger in the friend list and make the friend list 'Only me'.
  • Go to Social Media Privacy Settings and click Off Social Media Activity and then Clear History.
  • Make your post, photo settings just friends instead of friends of friends or public.
  • Use a profile guard when posting a profile picture. No one can download or take screen shots from this
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