How to Pay Gujarat Electricity Bill Online Watch Video.Gujarat Urja Nigam Company has launched an official application for paying light bills online through which you can easily pay bills online from any part of Gujarat. No email / login / password or account needs to be created for this. Pay bills easily with the help of ATM card. Please. Watch the video and pay your light bill from your mobile from now on -Share in your group or friends / relatives and teach them at home.GEB online bill payment.How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In gujarat (Best Way to Pay Electricity Bill.बिजली का बिल ऑनलाइन कैसे भरें ?                                      
Paying electricity bills online is the easiest way to avoid standing in queues for electricity bill payment. Most states in India now have online bill payment and Gujarat is not behind. Recent unbundling of state electricity boards has resulted in 4 different utilities or electricity providers in Gujarat. So the GEB or Gujarat Electricity Board is no longer supplying electricity and it is the state distribution companies that are doing so. The four companies are: Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. (UGVCL), Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited (MGVCL), Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. (PGVCL) and DakshinGujarat Vij Company Ltd.
(DGVCL). All four of them have different websites for online bill payment. Based on convenience and ease of use people can choose one of the multiple methods that are available for making the payment:

● Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd Portal ( This portal is specifically for the consumers of Uttar or northern parts of Gujarat.
Modes of Payments accepted: Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER CARDS and AMEX CARDS)

● Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. Portal (MGVCL Link):  This portal is specifically for the consumers of Madhya Kshetra (or central part) of Gujarat.
Modes of Payments accepted: Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER CARDS and AMEX CARDS)

● Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. Portal (DGVCL Link): This portal is specifically for the consumers of Dakshin or southern part of Gujarat.
Modes of Payments accepted: Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER CARDS and AMEX CARDS)

● Pashchim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. Portal (PGVCL Link):  This portal is specifically for the consumers of Pashim or western part of Gujarat.
Modes of Payments accepted: Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER CARDS and AMEX CARDS)

● Billdesk ( Billdesk has been providing services for online bill payment of all kinds of bills (electricity, telephone, etc) for more than a decade now. In fact many utilities use their services for bill payment. Bill desk works on bank account registration and you will have to fill up a physical form and send it through snail mail before you can start using their services. But once the registration is done the services can be used across the country. Also they will send notifications when there is a new bill for your account.
Modes of Payments accepted: Mostly Bank Accounts.

● Netbanking Portals: Most nationalized banks like HDFC, SBI, IDBI etc provide online bill payment facility. You just need to sign up for bill payment facility with your bank and add your Utility account on it and you can start making the payments. Most banks also provide notification service when a new bill is available for payment.

How to pay electricity bill online? 

1. MobiKwik
Electricity bill payment via MobiKwik is similar to Paytm. In MobiKwik, you can pay your bill after re-charging your MobiKwik account. You can select the operator from the dropdown menu and add your consumer number. The screen then shows your electricity bill and you can click on continue to make the payment. Using the MobiKwik app/website, you can avail some discounts or cashback on your bill payment.

2. Paytm
Paytm now has stay-at-home essentials wherein you can pay your for your DTH, or view e-newspapers or even buy coronavirus insurance. Just log in to your Paytm account, and under the stay-at-home essentials, you will find electricity as an option. You can make payment to the electricity boards or to the apartment (if you live in a flat). There are some basic details like state board, account number (for electricity board) and apartment name and number (for the apartment-wise bill) that you need to fill in. When you pay via online mode you get an e-bill receipt. You can also use Paytm as a method of payment to clear off your utility dues.

3. BHIM App
BHIM app is an online payment application owned by the National Payments Corporation of India. BHIM app helps you aggregate all your cashless bill payments in one place. It is an app that is compatible with both IOS and Android. The app has a section, bill pay, right under the transfer money section. You can use bill pay option use to clear off your utility dues like gas, water, DTH electricity. This app also requires you to add basic details like operator, consumer name, etc for successful bill payment.

4. Website of electricity provider
This method is the easiest of all! Depending on the electricity provider, you can visit their website to make the payment. In India, state-wise electricity boards/ specific electricity providers have their own websites where they provide you with the provision to make online bill payments.

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online Watch Video

Watch Video Click Here

One such thing that needs to be taken care of every now and then is bills. It could be water bills, mobile recharge, DTH bills, or electricity bills. There are organizations that are revamping their interface to provide you with the ease to pay your electricity bill considering we have all been home for over a month and month-end mean bills! Here are a few online ways to help you lay off your electricity dues.During the lockdown period, there is no way you can escape the surging electricity bills but you can sure escape going out and paying for it. Here are some options for online electricity bill payment
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