Covid-19 Update In India 🇮🇳 Today Latest Update.

The world has been plagued by the corona virus. More than two lakh people have died so far. More than 3 million people have been infected. Half the world's population is imprisoned at home. In the meantime, in some countries, lockdowns are also being allowed.

But the constant question in people's minds is, when will this world finally be liberated from the Corona? When will the lockdown end completely? When will we be able to live as before? In the midst of these questions, there is optimistic news from Singapore. Experts from the University of Technology and Design at the University of Singapore, through the Artificial Intelligence Driven Data Analysis, have said that when will the corona virus be eradicated from the world. According to research, corona from every country in the world will end by December 9, 2020. It will be completely eliminated from India by July 26.

The U.S. is expected to end by August 27. Similarly in Spain the corona will be completely finished by 7 August and in Italy by 25 August.

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