The reduction in the price of petrol and diesel will be done in Gujarat

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced a major increase in petrol and diesel prices. Arun Jaitley has made a big announcement of reduction of excise duty in his press conference. On the increase in petrol and diesel prices, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has hiked petrol and diesel prices by Rs. Announced a reduction of 2.50.

The central government has announced a reduction of its excise duty by Rs 1.50 a liter, while the oil marketing companies own Rs. 1 will decrease. Petrol and diesel will cost Rs. 2.50 has decreased. At the same time, Jaitley has also announced that he will request state governments to reduce the VAT rate on petrol and diesel.

The prices in the BJP-ruled states may be reduced
Jaitley, while announcing the price of petrol and diesel, said that last year the Center had reduced the excise duty of two rupees to the petrol and diesel prices. This time, BJP-ruled states also reduced VAT rates. Jaitley's Rs. After declining 2.5, it is possible that BJP-ruled states can reduce VAT.

The price may fall further in Gujarat
After Jaitley's announcement, there is a possibility that the Gujarat government can also reduce the VAT. If this happens, then Rs. More than 2.5 per cent of the price can fall. With the constant increase in petrol and diesel prices, there is anger against the Modi government across the country. Petrol price in many cities in the country is about Rs. 90 has crossed. Petrol price has reached Rs 84 on Thursday in Delhi. Meanwhile, the central government was churning out excise duty on fuel prices. The meeting was held in Delhi.

Petrol and diesel prices were up 15 paise and 20 paise per liter respectively on Thursday. Considering the rising prices of petrol and diesel, the government considers alternatives to preventing adverse impact on its economy. Sources said that in this regard, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley met Prime Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Wednesday evening. Public oil marketing companies on Thursday said in a release that petrol and diesel prices have been raised by 15 paise and 20 paise per liter respectively. After this increase, petrol in Delhi is now Rs 84 per liter and diesel is 75.45 rupees. Both of them have an all-time high level.

There is a possibility of the worsening worsening condition of farmers already due to rising fuel prices. Especially in rabi crops it has more effect. Diesel is currently sold at high prices. Diesel is the most used in the field of agriculture. From trailer farming to farm pumpset to irrigation all the diesel is run. So the rising price of diesel affects farmers.

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