Ahmedabad: The state government had not clarified about the vacation in CBSE, International schools in the earlier circular regarding Navratri vacation. So the Association of Progressive Schools of Ahmedabad (AOPS) wrote a letter to the government asking for clarification, but the government decided not to give a vacation to Navaratri temporarily in a meeting held on Thursday without any clarification. However, if Navaratri is still 6 days left, then the government will clarify this, all the administrators expressed the view to change this decision.

The government will clarify if the changes will be made

According to sources in Association of Progressive School, no clarification has been done for the National and International Board so far about Navratri. Therefore, the association has written a letter to the government asking, what to do on this issue? But no clarification has been done from the government till now. Therefore, Vacation has not been announced in AOPS schools. If the government clarifies this in the future, we will follow it.

5 out of 50 schools vacation vacation

The AOPS is incompatible with the same vacation. However, five of the top 50 schools

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