FRC examines 186 schools in Ahmedabad Zone, know which school is the most expensive ...

Ahmedabad: The fees for schools are determined by the FRC in the state. Now FRC has announced the 186 school fees of Ahmedabad. In which 5 schools have been declared more than 70 thousand rupees.

The highest fees are Gandhinagar International School. Fee of 1 lakh 29 thousand 500 rupees have been fixed for Gandhinagar school fees.

Gandhinagar International School fee
Higher Secondary 1,29,500

SGVP International School
Priy Pemery 70000
Upper primary 70000
Secondary 85000
Higher Secondary and Science 90000

Redbriques School Gandhinagar
Preprimary 80900
Primary - Standard 2 to 8 82500

Navkar Public School
Higher Secondary 75000

Gandhinagar International Airport
Standard 11 to 12 1,29,500

School of Achir - Gandhinagar
Standard 11,12 Science 70000

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Parents' rally in protest against fees decided by FRC in Ahmedabad
The fees regulation committee was set up by the government on increasing the excise fees in private schools in the state, but the FRCs, which are not effective at the fee-level committee, many schools have already increased their fees.

Rallies have been organized by parents in Ahmedabad, with allegations that the government, the FRC and the school administrators are inclusive of the entire matter. Guardians of Bopal, Aambali and Ghuma areas of Ahmedabad will sloganeering against the government by joining the rally and work on awakening the Sutan government to sleep on the issue of education.

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