Offer of SBI: Get Rs. 8 per day for 10 years, 36 benefits in sickness

SBI Life has recently launched SBI Life's full security. This is a term insurance plan that covers 36 Critical Illnesses. In it, you can cover 36 diseases by giving only 8 rupees per day. What is the feature of this plan? Who can take it? How different from another plan? We are giving you the answers to such questions. 

What are the plans of this plan? 
This is a non-linked term insurance plan. The Dual Benefit Provide Life Cover (Critical Illness Cover). This plan covers 36 serious illnesses. It includes diseases such as heart stroke, cancer. The policy can be taken for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or even 30 years. Premium one at the time of the entire policy. Premium can also be credited monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. With the Rebalancing feature, customers can change with age. Income Tax Benefit is also available in it.

At least 18 years of age and at most 65 years of age are required to take this policy.
Know who can take this plan?
At least 18 years of age and at most 65 years of age are required to take this policy. If a person of 18 years takes this plan for 10 years then the policy will be maturity in 28 years. Thus, if a 65 year old person takes a policy for 10 years, then he will be maturing in 75 years. The minimum premium in this policy is 3 thousand rupees. If you take this plan, then 8 rupees are spent and 36 diseases get cover. The maximum premium in this plan is 9.30 lakh annually.
What are the benefits?
Death Benefit 
Critical Illness Benefit 
Maturity Benefit 
Income Tax Benefit 
Premium Waver Benefit


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