Start preparation of IELTS :- here is test taken in India – December 2015

IELTS Speaking test in India, asked the following questions:

Speaking test

  • - What is your full name?
  • - Can I see your ID?
  • - Where are you from?
  • - Where do you live now?
  • - Do you work or study?
  • - What is your job?
  • - Do you like it? Why?
  • - Would you like to do the same job in the future?
  • - Do you have a hobby? Why?
  • - Can you explain more about it?

Cue Card

Talk about a memorable journey that you made by car. Please say
  • - Where and when was it?
  • - Who did you do it with?
  • - Why was it so memorable for you?


  • - How did you get the idea for this journey?
  • - Why did you go by car?
  • - Did you consider public transport as an alternative?
  • - Why do people still prefer using cars?
  • - Do they think about the environmental damage due to car usage?
  • - What cars do people usually buy?
  • - Is there a difference between a male’s and female’s choice of car?

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